Event Equipment Request

IT Equipment for Event Request

Complete the IT Equipment for Event Request Form to request hardware – including laptops, iPads, and printers – for your event. A “network pack” is also available for printer sharing. Laptops include Windows 7 and Office 2010 software applications. iPads are configured for events using the Greater Giving Go-Time App and Greater Giving Mobile Bidding. (Note: iPads cannot be used with Square card reader devices.) Equipment requests must be submitted six (6) weeks prior to the event to ensure all equipment is configured and received in a timely manner.

Mobile WiFi Device Request

The Society has contracted with a new vendor, MTS, to manage its mobile Wi-Fi device request and return process. Mobile Wi-Fi devices (small wireless routers that offer a broadband* internet connection for up to 10 wireless-enabled devices for events, or USB Aircards that allow broadband connection to one device at a time) are available through MTS for loan to staff. Select Mobile Wifi Device Request to login, order, and check an existing mobile wifi device request.