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September 2016 thru December 2016: Information Technology will begin to enable an exciting new feature on all staff computers: Skype Dial-in and Audio Conferencing via your Skype for Business Program. Every employee in the organization will be given a unique dial-in number and conference ID that should be used to conduct all of your audioconferencing meetings via Skype Meetings – instead of holding your audioconference calls via Arkadin. This dial-in audioconferencing functionality will work very similarly to Arkadin – with the added bonus that there will be no more need to share conference lines, since every staff member will have her/his own number and ID to use. This will integrate seamlessly into the same Skype program you currently use for instant message collaboration.

Common Questions

How do I set up an audio conference meeting?

Schedule a meeting as usual.  Click on “Skype Meeting”, and your dial-in number will be inserted automatically into your invitation.This dial-in audio conferencing functionality will work very similarly to Arkadin conference calling. It also integrates seamlessly into the same Skype program you currently use for instant messaging and screen sharing. With this feature, you and your participants will have the option of joining Skype Meetings on your computer with a headset, or via the dial-in number using your desk or mobile phone, or a combination of both. Simply schedule your new Skype Meeting
and the dial-in number will be inserted into your invitation.

How do I connect to the meeting?

Simply click on the Join Skype Meeting in the calendar invite, or click the Meetings icon in your Skype for Business application and you will be connected to the audio conferencing through your computer.

If you have the Skype for Business application installed on your mobile device, you can join the meeting through the meeting icon on your phone. You can also use the camera on your mobile device to join a video call.

You can also simply dial the phone number in the meeting invite and enter the conference ID number to just participate via phone. 

How do I use this conference line for external users that I can't send an invitation to?

Provide others with the dial-in information within the body of the invitation in your Outlook calendar.

How do I mute my line?

To mute yourself, click on the microphone icon wheren you get on the meeting window. You can also mute the microphone directly on your laptop keyboard (F4 Key on a T450). 

What is a dial-in conferencing PIN?

The PIN can be used by the moderator (person setting up the meeting) if they are only connecting to the audio portion through their phone and would like to have participants hear music until the moderator joins. Entering the PIN in this fashion will also give them the option to mute lines, etc.

How do I find my PIN?

As staff are configured for dial-in conferencing, you wil receive your dial-in conferencing information via email from "Microsoft Online Services Team." Print or document this email for future use.

How do I reset my PIN?

If you require you PIN to be reset, please use Ask Navi/Live Chat and any analyst can reset your PIN for you. The Service Desk is open Monday-Friday 7am-8pm ET except for holidays.

When should I use the computer or dial-in to connect to a meeting?

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