Skype for Business - Instant Messaging

Skype for Business is an instant messaging application widely used within ACS and other organizations. Skype for Business offers screen sharing capabilities as well as video/audio calls. Video and Audio calls are not available to all staff at this time; however, the rollout is expected to most staff by early 2017.

Common Questions

How do I add/change my picture in Skype for Business?

Click on the settings (gear) icon and then select "My Picture." You will be redirected to the Microsoft O365 Portal where you can sign in with your email address. On the right hand side select Upload Photo. Choose the file you wish to use and Click Save.

How do I add a contact?

In the "Find someone or dial a number" search box, simply type the individuals name. Once you find them, right click and select "Add to Contact List," and select the group to file them in.

Can I add a whole group to my contact list?

Yes, simply search for the group name in the "Find some or dial a number" search box, and then right click the group name and select "Add to Contact List."How do I remove someone from my contact list?Simply right click the individuals name in your contact list and select "Remove from Contact List"

Can I join a meeting from my Skype for Business client without going through the Outlook invite?

Yes, simply click the meeting icon(looks like a notebook) in your Skype for Business client and double click the meeting that you'd like to join.


Convert an IM into a meeting

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