Skype for Business - Video

Video conferencing will also be available for most ACS staff to use with SFB calls starting in 2017.This will integrate seamlessly into the same Skype program you currently use for instant message collaboration.

Common Questions

When will I have video functionality in Skype for Business?

Video functionality will be enable for all staff by early 2017.

How can I see if my account or someone else is video capable?

In Skype for Business, search for either yourself or the person you would like to video call. If "Video Capable" is listed next to the name, that persion is able to use vieo in Skype for Business.

Can I video chat without a webcam?

Skype video is only available for computers with a webcam and microphone installed. All ACS laptops are compatible with this functionality. Desktop users will not be able to video chat unless an external webcam and microphone are connected to the PC. If you have the Skype for Business application on your mobile device, you can use the camera on your mobile device to join a video call.

If I experience poor audio/video quality. What should I do?

It is recommended to reboot the computer to alleviate any software or connection issues. If you are working wirelessly, you may also want
to dock your laptop or use a hardwired connection. If you are working remotely, you should reboot your home internet connection regularly to maintain a fresh connection. If you continue to have issues, please contact the Service Desk via Ask Navi/Live Chat.The Service Desk is open Monday thru Friday, 7am-8pm ET, except for Holidays.


Skype for Business - Video Quick Reference Guide

Skype for Business - Video FAQ

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