Email, Direct Mail and Contact List Requests

Please note: A Society Key is required for all campaigns, even campaigns in which revenue will not be raised.

Event Email Campaigns

Event Email campaigns managed within 3rd party event platforms, like Blackbaud and Greater Giving, do not require Salesforce data. Please follow your established procedures for communicating to Event audiences directly through those 3rd party event platforms.

Event Direct Mail Campaigns & Team Captain, Committee, or Participant Export

Direct Mail campaigns targeting Event audiences do require a request process. This applies to Survivor Mailings, Event Invitations, MSABC Breakfast invitations, etc. This request can be used for Event Team, Sponsor, or Participant List Exports. Note: Data comes from Salesforce which has current year +2 years available. Survivor and Team Captain data in Salesfore is only current up to Nav Tools go live at the beginning of March. If more recent is needed, event staff will need to get it from Blackbaud.

Please select the form for your region below. To view contacts in your region who are fulfilling these requests, go here.

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General Email Campaigns

If you are requesting to send Email to an audience of American Cancer Society customers, please use the Marketing and Communications Request Form here. Examples: Road to Recovery Volunteer recruitment, Corporate Promotions, etc. 

General Direct Mail Campaigns

If you are planning a mailing to existing American Cancer Society customers please use the form here. Examples: postcards, newsletters, fundraising appeals, thank you cards, etc.

GoFundMe / Raise Your Way Campaign

If you are planning a new GoFundMe/Raise Your Way campaign and you need a GoFundMe fundraiser setup with financial coding to support an existing ACS event, or to restrict donations to a specific fund please use the form here.

If you have not set up your fundraiser already, please do so at Note: Coding must be set up before funds are raised, as coding cannot be applied retroactively.

If no special coding is needed, you may set up a GoFundMe fundraiser directly on the site ( without submitting this form.

Hospital SR Referrals, Historical Data, Team Data, and Prospect Research

Report requests for SR Referrals, Historical Data, Team Data, and Prospect Research should be directed here. This form is used to gather initial information for report requests. Once the form is completed the request is routed to the appropriate team for delivery.


  1. Historical data requests must be approved by management. Historical data refers to data not currently accessible via Salesforce. 
  2. Data Export requests from Salesforce must have business justification and management approval.

Still need assistance? 

Please use the form here and we'll do our best to point you in the right direction.

Important Reminders About Personal Information

Confidential Personal Information (Name, Address, Email address) should only be shared with those who are authorized to view the information and who have a legitimate business need to access the information.

Confidential Personal Information can be shared or saved in the follow ways: Shared drive/network drive, OneDrive and SharePoint Team Sites.

 For constituent files with confidential personal information needed for direct marketing campaigns, the best practice is to upload the information to One Drive. Once you upload the file to One Drive you will have the option to share a link. Share the link with the staff member who follows up with you once the request is approved. Thank you!