Changes to Existing Staff

Change Display Name

The Change Display Name Request is used to change your name with IT. Reasons for name change for example are: Marriage, Divorce, Nickname preference, Windows Login, or Email Address corrections. Note: Some fields will be filled out for you as you complete the form. IT name changes are processed weekly. In order to process your request correctly, we need to know your employment type. Please ensure to select the appropriate employment type from the dropdown list within the form. For more information on Name Changes, please Click Here

Change Primary Work Location

IT Location changes through the Change Primary Work Location Form are submitted to manage the move of your office telephone from your old location to your new location. Your equipment is assigned to you; if you move, please take it with you. Managers must submit ADP Work Events for the following office moves: Office to Office, Office to Home-Based Worker, Home to Office- Based Worker. Your signature will be updated 2-3 days after your ADP Work Event has been processed. Please reference complete documentation on Society Source under Employee Services.

Change Title - ACS Staff

ACS Staff Title Changes can be made by submitting a STAR Form.

Change Title - Temporary Workers

For Temporary Workers Title Changes Name, submit your request to

Extend the Assignment / Job End Date for Temporary Staff

The Extend the Assignment / Job End Date for Temporary Staff is used to extend the expiration date of a Temporary Staff's Network/Computer Login. You also need to notify Superior/ Work Nexus of the extension. Note: If a volunteer account extension is needed, please fill out the Volunteer Onboarding Request.

Self-Audit Your Computer

A Self-Audit should be completed anytime there is a change in your IT Equipment to ensure that the documented equipment assigned to you is accurate. Staff that receive a new/replacement machine will need to perform a self-audit.