Event Support

Notice: All options are also available via "Ask Navi". Please ask your questions to Navi.

Request Website Event Management Center (EMC) Access Request

Everything you need to access, customize, manage and promote your event website.  DO NOT USE this form if you currently have POC Access and/or requesting POC Access. 

Go to Salesforce - If you need to change an EXISTING Event Record or Society Key, or Cancel an Event or Website?

Need changes to an existing event name, product, restriction, approver, status or Society Key, event staff (event manager), date, time, common name, goal, office information, or location/venue, or to Cancel and event or website?  *Note: changes made in Salesforce also are applied to all other ACS systems including the websites.  This means if you want to have the event kickoff date / time updated, Survivor or other Ceremonies details, or any other ‘Day Of’ details such as parking information, accessibility, etc. (fields not listed in Salesforce) added for call center use, chatter the change or request in the applicable Salesforce event record.

Create an Online Event Support TICKET for ALL other Website Support (including Website Customization or to report Outages) 

Need to request a Website discount code, registration type / fee change, registration question change, custom domain or URL change, social change (new Instagram, Facebook or Twitter accounts), delayed self-pledge charge-backs? Or do you need support for any other website issues such as refunds, participant or team changes, mobile app issues, registration or donation problems, or to report outages?

Website Email Campaign Request 

Please allow at least 10 business days for turn around!

Salesforce Exports, Mailing Lists and Website Report Requests

For Blackbaud/Convio Online Event Reports that are not currently available in the Event Management Center (EMC). Note: Historical event information (year over year) revenue, especially predating 2012, or current mailing addresses are available on a separate form. To get a report of this historical information, PLEASE SUBMIT A BI REPORT REQUEST (formerly DG & BI Report request).