Event Equipment Request

IT Equipment for Event Request

Complete the IT Equipment for Event Request Form to request hardware—including laptops, iPads, and printers—for your event. A “network pack” is also available for printer sharing. Laptops include Windows 10 and Office 365 software applications; iPads are configured for events using the Greater Giving Go-Time App and Greater Giving Mobile Bidding. (Note: iPads cannot be used with Square card reader devices.) Equipment requests must be submitted six (6) weeks prior to the event need-by date to ensure all equipment can be configured and shipped in a timely manner. Equipment must be returned, with no stickers attached and securely packed (zip ties included) within two (2) business days after your event, unless other arrangements have been made.

If you rent your equipment and you have any issues with the equipment – please call Streamline Support directly: (877) 571-1516. During the weekend - they do not man the phones, so please leave a voicemail and they’ll call you back promptly.

Mobile WiFi Device Request

Requests for Wi-Fi devices may be placed with Streamline Support or a local company of your choosing (see below).

The Society has contracted with a national provider, Streamline Support, to rent mobile Wi-Fi devices starting January 1, 2020. The cost for rental will be billed as an expense to your event. Pricing includes the device, data plan, and shipping. Note: Internet access/speeds cannot be guaranteed. Devices should be tested in the exact spot where they will be used, prior to the event. Streamline recommends placing orders at least 90 days in advance to ensure availability. Requests within 30 days of your event date may incur expedited shipping charges. Devices must be returned within two (2) days after the event.

Streamline Support Request Form: http://streamlinesupport.us/machform/view.php?id=14378

Streamline Support Pricing and Contact Information: http://streamlinesupport.us/acs/acs_pricing.html

Other Options for Wi-Fi

Check with local sources, if available, as well as the event venue, which may be more affordable and/or flexible.

For larger or more complex events, when simply renting a Wi-Fi mobile device will not suffice, you may obtain a quote directly from Streamline Support to meet your specific connectivity requirements. Event support packages with Streamline start at $1,525, and you may obtain a quote at http://www.streamlinesupport.us/; scroll to the bottom of the page and fill in the form under “Contact Us”. Another supplier that staff have used for this purpose is Back Stage Networks (BSN). To obtain a quote from BSN, visit https://www.bsnlive.com/ and click the Get a Quote button.