Install an ACS Network Printer

Installing an ACS Network Printer can be done by simply navigating to, selecting the office location of the printer, and then the printer itself. Once the installation is complete you will need to setup locked print in your printer preferences for all printer/copier combos and multifunction printers. To set your locked print code, please follow the instructions here. The installation can be done for any ACS Network Printer and you actually don't have to be in that physical office to install the printer. If you are planning a trip to another office besides your assigned office location and would like to install the printer you'll need ahead of your arrival, you can do so as long as you are connected to the ACS network(which includes VPN). For complete instructions on using, please click here.

Install your ACS HP Desktop Printer

At this moment, ACS deploys HP Desktop Printers to primarily home-workers. Use the HP Website to locate the drivers for your model printer. Then download and install the current drivers for your printer (be sure to enter the correct model type for searching ie: Officeject 6925.)

Install Other Printers

When installing any printer other than an ACS Network Printer or deployed Desktop Printer, please go to the manufacturer's website and search for the software for the model printer you are trying to install. Please follow the manufacturer's instructions for installing the printer. Remember the software must be compatible for Windows 7 and/or Windows 10 64-bit OS. If you require further assistance when installing, please use Ask Navi/Live Chat.

Set or Reset your Locked Printing Code

ACS has a locked print policy to protect the data of the Society as well as our constituents. 

Printer Issues (Other than Ricoh)

For issues with a printer that is not a Ricoh.

Ricoh Quick Reference Guide

Access the Ricoh Quick Reference Guide.

Ricoh Copier Issue

Service and Supplies are handled directly by Ricoh. To contact call 1.888.456.6457 or access their site. You will need to privde the 8 digit equipment id # found on the front of the machine.