Skype for Business - Meeting

Common Questions

How do I create a meeting in Skype for Business?

Open your Outlook calendar and create a meeting as usual; before sending select the "New Skype Meeting" icon from the top of the window. This will automatically create a new calendar item with the Skype Meeting attached to the bottom of the invite. You may create and send this invite as you would any other calendar item in Outlook.

How do I join the Skype for Business Meeting I created?

When it is time for the meeting to begin, open the meeting invite from your Outlook calendar and select "Join Skype Meeting." This will open the meeting and load any presented content.

Can I Video/Audio conference in a Skype for Business Meeting?

Yes, you may start either of these (if available to you) from the options at the bottom of the meeting window. Please see the Audio and Video documents for further details.

Can I add attachments to a Skype for Business Meeting?

Yes, you may add attachments to a Skype for Business Meeting. This can even be done before the meeting begins. See the "Training and Resources" section for a full guide on how to pre-load attachments and even co-author a document with your team while the meeting is in progress.