Salesforce is replacing Siebel as our CRM and Event Management tool. What is CRM?  CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management database to track and store contact info, accounts, donation opportunities, etc. This will allow us to effectively manage and analyze customer interactions and data as well as implement an event management solution that fully integrates with other core ACS systems and meets business needs.

High Impact Salesforce Issues & Interim Solutions

Known Salesforce issues with recommended interim solutions available. We have multiple short-term issues within Salesforce that you need to be aware of, and recommended interim solutions to use until a fix or enhancement can be released. Please check out this reference guide for a current listing. NOTE: This list will be updated regularly as new bugs surface and old ones are fixed.

Salesforce Access Request

Salesforce access was granted by Position/Job code.   For access or additional access, please submit this request form.

Have a Business Process Related Question? 

For all business process related questions or issues, please utilize the "How can we help you?" search found at the top of the screen. If you are unable to find the answer please click "Ask Navi" to the right and ask your question or describe your issue.

Salesforce Training

Salesforce trainings have been assigned in Society Pathways based off of your job role.  Please check Society Pathways for trainings and search 'Salesforce'. 

BI Report Request

To submit a BI Report Request(formerly DG & BI Report/BI Request), this includes reports for historical event data.

MDM: Master Data Management Access Request

To submit a request for access to the Master Data Management, click here