Society Key

What is Society Key?

Society Key is a new unique, 6-digit, alphanumeric code that provides a uniform and simplified experience access Navigation Tools. 

  • Society Key is used as a shortcut to financial coding and transaction entry.
  • Society Key will be used in the following NavTools systems: NetSuite, ACS Marketplace, Salesforce, Concur, Society Donations Batching, ADP, and Work Nexus.
  • Segments that make up a Society Key include a combination of any of the following values: Subsidiary, Region, Department, Product/Product Instance, Association, and Restriction.

Society Key Smart Search (SKSS)

If a user does not know their Society Key, they can use the Society Key Smart Search (SKSS) tool. The SKSS tool will be easily accessible from the Quick Links menu on Society Source, and most Navigation Tools systems will also provide a link. There will be a link to the SKSS tool in NetSuite, Salesforce, ACS Marketplace, Concur, Society Donations Batching, and Work Nexus. You may also click Society Key Smart Search (SKSS) above.

Requesting a Society Key

Most Society Keys will already be created. We encourage you to use the Smart Search tool to help you find Society Keys that match your financial coding. If a Society Key needs to be created, please follow the guidance below:

New Revenue-related Society Key

Requests associated with events, campaigns, or opportunities should be submitted in Salesforce by creating a "General Information" case.

For revenue requests not associated with an existing event, campaign, or opportunity in Salesforces, a request should be submitted through the "Help?" function in the Society Key Smart Search Tool.

New Expense-related Society Key

Submit through the "Help?" function in the Society Key Smart Search Tool.

Network Fundraising

We have set up additional Network Fundraising Society Keys and Campaigns to help ensure we are appropriately reflecting how we are receiving donations.  We now have keys and campaigns that include Associations.  You will find Regional RFL and MSB keys and campaigns as well as Area CVC keys and campaigns.  As you already know we have set up Area keys and campaigns to support network fundraising with no association as well as Regional key and campaigns to support Daffodil fundraising. Salesforce How to Code SEG Activity, Team Fundraisers, and Event Fundraisers Quick Reference Guide

Do Not Update:

  • External ID's
  • Society Keys 

Society Key Questions or Concerns

Have a question or concern that can't be answered using self-service or the information above? Submit this form and someone will be in contact with you.