HardwarE/Software Request

Use ACS Marketplace to:  

  • Order items from a non-catalog or punchout catalog supplier.  
  • To request help bidding out or finding a supplier for any good/service.  
  • To submit a Bid Request or to renew a current contract license.  

Request Hardware (Catalog Item)

Requesting Hardware can be done via the CDW Hardware Catalog in ACS Marketplace. If the hardware item you are requesting is not listed in the CDW Hardware Catalog then it would be a "Non- Catalog Hardware Request" which is now located in ACS Marketplace as well. If you are requesting a replacement of existing hardware that is broken, please contact the Service Desk via Ask Navi/Live Chat for troubleshooting and escalation purposes. 

Request Non-catalog Hardware

The Request Non-catalog Hardware Request form is now located in ACS Marketplace. For assistance with this, please review the IT Non-Catalog Hardware/Software Request Form QRG for assistance.

Software Request

To review the list of licensed software available for department purchase, please Click Here.  To request a license, please complete this online ticket  and the software will be pushed to your computer.  Please be sure to include manager information and your department Society Key.

Request Non-stocked Software

The Request Non-stocked Software Request form is now located in ACS Marketplace. For assistance with this, please review the IT Non-Catalog Hardware/Software Request Form QRG for assistance.