Mobile Iron Issue


  1. Open the Mobile@Work or Mobile Iron application
  2. Click on My Devices
  3. Click on show my devices
  4. Enter your network password
  5. Click on your Current Device
  6. Click on Check for Updates
  7. Go to your email application on your mobile device and open it
  8. Enter your network password if prompted

Android 9 or lower

  1. Open the Mobile@Work to force a check-in, follow prompts as directed
  2. If you’ve previously used Touchdown for Smartphones, it is now preferred to use the Email+ app. Removal of Touchdown is recommended.
  3. Navigate to your apps and open Email+. If you receive an error, continue to step 4.
  4. Force close Email+ and Secure App manager
  5. Reboot device
  6. Open Mobile@Work to force another check-in
  7. Open Email+