What is Phishing? Phishing is an attempt to get you to link to a website and enter personal information or download malicious software, This will often happen by trying to invoke an emotional response ("your email is almost full," "your bank account needs your attentions," etc.). 

Remember "Don't feed the phish" and if you feel you are being "phished" then "Don't take the bait!"

Advice for avoiding Phishing Emails

Phishing emails require one thing to be successful, that is for the recipient to take the bait. This document is a helpful reminder that verifying unknown emails is an important step in protesting your data and devices.

Society IT's Anti-Phishing Challenge

The Society's IT Department is issuing an "Anti-Phishing Challenge" to all staff. Are you ready? Navigate here for helpful information.

Phishing Awareness FAQ

FAQ for the "Anti-Phishing Challenge

Don't feed the phish

Don't feed the phish, a helpful article to remind you it's always "phishing season." Use your skepticism to avoid getting caught. 

How to Report Phishing

Reporting a suspicious email is simple. Simply right-click and Choose Junk>Report as Phishing. Don't see this option? Click Here