Volunteer Support Resources

Volunteers are the heart and soul of our organization and they are critical to our success at every level.

EMC Support Page

Everything you need to customize, manage and promote your Relay for Life website. Carefully review all the customization requirements to ensure your event details are accurate and up to date.

Office 365 Training Videos

We created short videos to help you with Office 365. Please feel free to watch these videos to gain knowledge and have the greatest experience within Office 365. We have the following: Office 365 Basic Overview, Office 365 Working with Meetings, Office 365 Working with Individual Email, and Office 365 Groups, Documents, and Notebook. All of these are available through the Volunteer Learning Center. You will need to login to view the content.

Office 365 User Guide - Volunteers

Reference guide for Volunteers interacting with Microsoft Office 365

Onboarding - Volunteers

Onboarding Volunteers is primarily done by ACS Staff members.

Volunteer Learning Center - VLC

All your Volunteer learning and training in one place. You will need to login in order to access the full content.

Multifactor Authentication

Multifactor Authentication registration resources.