Day of Event Data Needs QRG

To find where to get all needed information around Day of Event Data.

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Specific instructions you need to follow to ensure we are protecting our participants information.

Self Service: 1 year history reports from Blackbaud EMC

2018 Blackbaud reports are being updated to once again include contact information. 
For RFL, you can now communicate with your 2018 teams, participants and survivors to engage them in the 2019 events. (MSABC Coming Soon)

Website Report Request:

Blackbaud/Convio online event reports that are not currently available in the Event Management Center

BI Report Request Form (formerly DG & BI Report request) Click Here to Access

Note: Historical event information (year over year) revenue, especially predating 2012, or current mailing addresses are available on a separate form.  To get a report of this historical information, please submit a BI Report Request Form (formerly DG & BI Report request)  Please allow up to 10 days to get the reports

  • Participant Contact Export or Team Captain Contact Export or Survivor Contact Export-Available for 2017-2019.-events and not yet for wider geographical range. This report will not include contact information that is suppressed 
  • Committee Contact Export-Available for 2017-2019-Suppressions not included.  
    Note:  Please keep in mind that we, at ACS, strive to be good stewards of our constituent information and each report requested will have no more information than the minimum information you requested or that meet your needs.

Coming Soon:

Reports and Organized Folders for Events in Salesforce

  • In the future, you will be able to access the Events folder in Salesforce to get some great templates to further customize within your own private folders.  While we work towards getting this data updated and better reports built out for you, you may get a notification that your reports are being deleted that are in the public folders.  Cleanup work will be complete by May 10.