Nav Tools UAT Support

Important Step Before Testing

Please follow these instructions in order to update your timezone settings in VSTS before starting your test cases. This is step is important to make sure we can adequately track the test cases being worked, bugs/defects being logged, etc.

UAT Testing Instructions

Please review these instructions prior to beginning UAT Testing. Reminder: You should only be completely the testing within the scheduled time you were given. If a Bug is found please contact the Nav Tools UAT Support Team using the Live Chat link to the right. A Support Team individual will walk you through the "Report a Bug" process as well. 

ACS UAT Acronyms

Acronyms that may be found in the UAT process, stepping through test cases, etc.

Known Issues / Defects (Coming Soon)

Salesforce Access Requests

Need access to one of the Salesforce environments? Please submit the above request.

Nav Tools Enhancement Requests

Have feedback on a Nav Tools Enhancement Request? Please follow the linked instructions on how to provide that feedback.

Still Need Assistance?

Contact the Nav Tools UAT Support Team via the Live Chat link to the right.